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These articles and tasting notes draw from experiences and research conducted since 1988. These articles are not dogma.

M. A. de la Mata
President\Alliance Wines & Spirits.

Copyright Notice: The contents of these articles, tasting notes, and graphic files are the exclusive property of M. A. de la Mata. Reproduction, and/or distribution of any, or all of its content without the expressly written authorization by M. A. de la Mata is strictly prohibited.

Liability Release Notice: The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those of Alliance Wines Corp. Alliance Wines Corp refuses any and all liabilities that may arise from the contents of these articles. Such liabilities must be referred directly to the author.

Copyright Authorization: M. A. de la Mata authorizes Alliance Wines Corp. and only Alliance Wines Corp. to use, reproduce and distribute these articles.

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