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We are very pleased to see that you are interested in possibly becoming an Alliance Wines Corp investor.

Currnetly Available: 24,000 shares of Common Stock at $20 per share.

Proceeds from the above sale will be utilized for:

* Purchase of additional lines and types of wines.

* Purchase of equipment to handle inventory.

* Opening a winery's tasting room in Raleigh, NC.

Some of the Stockholder benefits:

* Return on Investment.

* Purchase wines produced and carried by the operation at wholesale prices.

Also, you may send us your request for information regrading the stock issuances by contacting us at: alliancewinescorp at gmail d o t c om . Please title/subject your email - Interested Investor.

Alternatively, to contact us via USPS mail, or by phone - please follow this link

Thank you for your interest in Alliance Wines Corp.