Author:  M.A. de la Mata

NV Lepanto Brandy Reserva Especial, Spain ($??).  I picked up this jewel  in Spain.  It is a rare Brandy with minty and elegant nutty flavors.  It is a bit burny in the palate, but nothing that a couple of matches won’t cure…We paired this Brandy with coffee and a Montechristo #5 Cuban cigar.

1983 Cabernet Sauvignon, Weinert, Mendoza, Argentina. I keep being disappointed by this winery’s locally available releases. This wine as well as other releases from this winery tasted in our area, have resulted in oxidized and over-the-hill wines. Not recommended.

1982 KWV Port, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Don’t bother with this one. Light, with sweaty robitussin flavors is the best thing that I can qualify in this wine. Perhaps for cooking, or cleaning the frying pan…

1992 Pinotage, Zonnebloem, South Africa ($9.99).  Pinot Noir-Cinsault clone, unknown wood aging period.  It lacks Pinot character, the Cinsault portion overtakes the entire wine with unappealing overcooked bacon aromas and flavors.  The added bonus is a deep chemical finish.  It misses both Pinot and Cinsault characters completely.  Not recommended.  Meeao-Mix.

1997 (actually made a few minutes ago) Tequila Fizz.  ¾ of a can of PBR + ¼ Cuervo Tequila.  This is a shit-kicking drink, clearly the result of not wanting to hold two glasses during a great party.  What to do?…What to do?…Took a sip of PBR, chased it with a sip of Cuervo…it tasted decent!  Why do so much chasing?…just blend the two…stir the can…Voila!  Tequila Fizz!  It improves the PBR, and takes a bit of the bite off of the Cuervo.  Imagine the middle of a hot July afternoon after mowing the yard.  Now, pull out an ice-cold PBR, pour most of it into an  ice-cold mug and finish topping with ice-cold Cuervo, mix, and slam it down.  Let me know how it works for you.  I do not want the patent. You can have it…